The Hunt Checklist

3 Tips To Successfully Launch On Product Hunt

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The Morning Hunt
What we learned by relaunching on Product Hunt

Submit early

Every day at midnight (PST), the Product Hunt home page resets. The earlier your product is hunted the more time it has to gather upvotes. Here’s what midnight PST is in your time zone:

Your time zone

🌟Make it stand out

Upload your product thumbnail and evaluate it in the context of the PH homepage to make sure it stands out even at small size.

Preview your thumbnail



  • Make it a 460 × 240 GIF, PNG or JPG.
  • Optimize for a square in the center.
  • GIFs should be under 3MB.

Download The Hunt Checklist Template

Product Hunt Assets Template
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📝Prepare your first comment

You should prepare as much content as possible before the hunt because as soon as you hit the home page things will get crazy. Here's a template for your very important Product Hunt first comment.


  • Don’t send unsolicited tweets or messages to random people.
  • Don’t ask explicitly for upvotes. You should rather ask your fans to give their thoughts on PH.

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